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Advanced Robotic Welding Solutions

At ASG Robotics, we lead the welding revolution, leveraging automation to introduce precision, efficiency, and innovation to welding. Our solutions are custom-designed to cater to the varied needs of our customers, considering their specific requirements and spatial constraints, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability.

Why Choose Robotic Welding?

Robotic welding is more than just a trend; it’s a necessity in today’s world, given the rising demand for skilled welders and the industry’s push for efficiency and precision.

  • Precision & Quality: Robots guarantee consistent, high-quality welds, minimizing errors and the need for rework.
  • Safety: Automation reduces human exposure to potential hazards, promoting a safer work environment.
  • Efficiency: Robots can work non-stop, drastically enhancing production speeds.
  • User-Friendly: Our adaptive intelligence ensures ease of use, eliminating the need for specialized programmers.

Robotic Solutions for Various Welding Types:

  • Arc Welding:

 – Gas Metal Arc Welding GMAW (MIG/MAG)
 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding GTAW (TIG)
 – Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

  • Spot Welding (or resistance spot welding RSW)

  • Laser Welding (LBW)

  • Additional Robotic Solutions:
    Robotic Riveting System
     – Robotic Screwing System 
     – Watch both solutions in action here

Our Advanced Welding Solutions:

  1. Robotic SAW Welding:
    • Multipass Welding
    • Narrow-gap Profile Welding
    • Horizontal SAW Welding
    • Saddle-shape Joints Welding
  2. Modular and mobile design of robotic cell: At ASG Robotics, we pride ourselves on offering robotic welding cells that are both standalone solutions and integrable components for larger systems. Designed with modularity, our cells can be easily tailored to specific needs, ensuring they fit seamlessly into any production environment. Their mobile nature ensures that they can be conveniently relocated, catering to dynamic industrial layouts. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a cell into an existing system or use it as a standalone unit, our design ensures flexibility, efficiency, and a streamlined integration process.
  3. Parametric Programming: Advanced parametric programming ensures our welding solutions are adaptable and precise.
  4. Scalable Algorithms
  5. From Single Robot Cells to Fully Automated Production Lines: Whether you require a single robot or an entire production line, we’re equipped to serve your needs.
  6. Synchronized Multi-Robot Welding
  7. Assembly and Welding Stations: Our stations are integrated for smooth welding and assembly processes.
  8. Welding Positioners & Rollerbeds: Our positioners and rollerbeds are designed for versatility, accommodating various welding tasks.

Applications Across Industries:

Our robotic welding solutions serve a broad spectrum of industries, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

  • Rail Industry: Streamlined production of rail cars and components.
  • Automotive Industry: Precision welding ensures the safety and longevity of vehicle parts.
  • Fabrication Industry: Custom solutions for varied fabrication tasks, from marine gear to scissor lifts.
  • Wind Energy
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Offshore and Onshore

Choose ASG Robotics:

Our unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction makes ASG Robotics your go-to for all robotic welding requirements. Our certified technicians ensure our robots perform at their best, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks.

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